DMCH: A Patient beyond Cure?

A group of students of Department of International Relations of the University of Dhaka conducted a survey on the patients of the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) for their academic purpose in the months of March-May 1999. Some important findings of the survey are mentioned below.

  • Most of the patients who come to DMCH are people from lower (69%) or middle (30%) income group. Only a negligible portion of the patients are from upper income group (1%).
  • Most of the patients expressed their dissatisfaction over the availability of free medicine from DMCH authority. 30% of the interviewed said that they have to buy medicine from outside, 30% said that are provided with low quality medicine, 20% said they receive some medicine and the rest 20% said that they receive a few of the medicine.
  • A majority of the patients expressed their satisfaction over the treatment they receive from the doctors of DMCH. 70% of the interviewed patients said that their service is good, 15% commented fair while the rest 15% expressed their dissatisfaction.
  • 84% of the patients complained about the filthy and dirty environment of DMCH premises. 9% commented as fair and only 7% were satisfied with it. An almost similar opinion was received about the internal environment of DMCH.
  • Only 10% of the patients were found satisfied with the food that is provided by the hospital. Majority (65%) of the patients termed it as below standard and a smaller portion (25%) found it somewhat acceptable. Besides, most of them were dissatisfied over the cleanliness of the provided food.


  1. DMCH lacks in modern equipment. Emphasis should be given on procurement of modern equipment and at the same time steps should be taken for proper maintenance of the existing ones.
  2. There should be close contact between the administration and the service providers of DMCH. Steps should be taken to control visitors and to improve discipline in service.
  3. Special care should be taken to improve both internal and external environment of the hospital.
  4. Supply of medicine has to be increased according to the demand of the growing number of patients
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  6. Third and fourth class employees have to be more sincere and co-operative in their service.
  7. Number of doctors has to be increased to take the extra load of patients. Besides, they should be more careful about their attendance.
  8. A phase by phase privatisation of DMCH will increase the accountability of all the personnel concerned and eventually the overall service of DMCH.
Survey conducted by a student group of 3rd Year (Session 1997-98), BSS (Hons.), Department of International Relations, University of Dhaka.