Centre for ALTERNATIVES is an independent and non-governmental research, deliberative and policy forum for promoting alternative thinking related to society, state and the world, and is registered under the company act of 1994.

Centre for ALTERNATIVES is primarily a research forum aimed at initiating and disseminating ideas that are bold and imaginative enough to sensitise the thought-processes and field of activities in areas of human relations at the societal, national and international levels.

Centre for ALTERNATIVES is a deliberative forum where intellectuals, scholars and practitioners, both national and international, meet to exchange views on social, political, environmental and security issues, not only of Bangladesh but if the world.

Centre for ALTERNATIVES is a forum for policy research, ready to provide assistance to institutions or governments seeking alternative possibilities in matters related to international relations, security, development and conflict management.

Centre for ALTERNATIVES is committed to undertake research programs on the following topics, with particular relevance and reference to Bangladesh and its South Asian neighbors :

  • Conceptual and methodological issues
    related to alternative thinking
  • Security issues in the 21st century
  • Strengthening the civil society
  • Alternative defense strategy
  • Rethinking development
  • Environment security
  • Innovation in education
  • Refugee and migration
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Ethnicity, Nationalism and Violence
  • Gender Politics